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ROGERS BIKE SHELTERS As people are encouraged to leave their cars at home and use a bicycle to do short journeys, the need for safe, secure and dry places to keep them is on the rise. Cycling isn't only just a healthy option, it also helps the environment. By having more cycle shelters and bike racks around the UK, it would enable more people to cycle to work or the shops, removing cars from the road resulting in less emissions and congestion.
Bike Shelters
Rogers Fencing Supplies have been involved in manufacturing cycle shelters for many years and we have developed an unparalleled range of cycle shelters, compounds, secure stores and canopies to suit every requirement. From the basic stand through to the sophisticated bespoke parking systems. We offers the widest choice of shelters and canopies to accommodate all cycle parking systems.
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Anti-vandal 3mm clear polycarbonate roof. Optional end polycarbonate panels 50mm x 50mm ms box Includes assembly bolts, expanding foundation bolts for concrete plinth and arrangement drawing for assembly Shelter comes with adjustable overground fixing feet FINISH: Hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated.
Cycle shelters are convenient bicycle storage solutions that are popular with companies, schools and local authorities all over Ireland & the UK. A high quality, secure cycle shelter or cycle compound for staff, pupils and the general public will offer stylish weather protection and promote cycle usage. It will also help your pocket by aiding you and your colleagues or employees to save money on fuel costs. If you're a business owner and are struggling for space to locate cycle storage, you could consider taking up a couple of car parking spaces and introduce your new cycle shelter.
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