Rogers Pro-Sport Spectator Surround – Football

Rogers Pro Sport Systems are the leading sports pitch fencing contractors in Ireland and the UK. Rogers Pro Sport can install Spectator Surrounds to all Soccer & GAA Clubs .

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Rogers Pro-Sport Spectator Surround – Football
8-6-8 50/200 mm Mesh along playing sides, upgraded to 8-6-8 50/66 mm mesh at Goal Ends.
With the High Quality System Design, this Spectator Surround comes with Relevant Manufactures
and Installers Conformity Certificates to Relevant BS EN Standards .
System can be provided with 10 year warranty on materials from associated Ball Play and Coating.

Specifications & Installation


1.2m High Pro-sport Football ‘Spectator Surround System

Reference: 1200mm High Pro-Sport Spectator Surround ‘. Galvanised and
polyester powder coated by RFS approved applicator to BS6497.

Drawing Ref: RFS//00/00

Height: 1.2 m 8-6-8 50/200mm mesh with banner rail, Total fence Height 1.23m from G.L.

Mesh: Rogers Fencing systems 8-6-8 50/200mm Panel.Having a Double Wire mesh aperture of 200 x 50mm for the full height of 1230mm, Incorporating 8mm Double horizontal wires, and 6mm vertical wires. Panel to be no greater than 2.5m wide for increased rigidity. Panel must to be of a flat profile with no folded beams to stop irregular ball

Finish: Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 and polyester powder coated to BS6497 by an
approved RFS applicator. Such as Maine Surface Finishing.

Colour: RAL:6005 All RHS material must me minimum 3mm wall thickness prior to Hot Dip
Galvanising. No Pre Galv Material to be used.

Posts : Top Rail
60x60x3mm HOT DIPPED GALVANISED RHS Posts set in concrete bases
350x350x500mm deep completely filled with 20N concrete at centres no greater than
2500mm. Posts to be fitted with M8 threaded inserts every 400mm tensioned only by
hydraulic tool. Posts to be fitted with 60x60mm RFS Top Rail angle bracket.
60x60x2mm HOT DIPPED GALVANISED RHS Top Rail to be securely fixed to Top Rail
angle brackets on post using M8 safe security anti-vandal stainless steel bolts. Top Rail
to be fitted with M8 threaded inserts, to allow Panel to be securely fixed for increased

Fixings: Double Wire Sports Panel to be securely fixed to posts using 45mm Stainless Steel
Caltec clip with M8 safe security anti-vandal, anti-vibration stainless steel bolts.
All Fixtures and fastenings to be adequately secured against loosening from vibration.

Installation: Set out and erect fencing in straight lines as shown on drawings, with tops of posts
following profile of the ground, with posts set rigid, plumb and to specified depth, or
greater where necessary to ensure adequate support. With correct fastenings and all
components securely fixed.

Conformity: Approved Contractor must submit manufactures and installers conformity
certificates as a requirement of BS 1422 – 14: 2006 Standards. This specification is
a minimum requirement for this project.


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