Strained Wire Fencing

Rogers Fencing Systems Ltd Strained Wire Fencing Systems include Chainlink, Bastille, Weld mesh and Vercour Systems, which all come in a range of heights and are available in both galvanised and plastic coated finishes. Suitable for a range of different applications i.e. industrial, commercial and schools etc, the Strained Wire range provides a highly secure perimeter system.

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Q40 Specification


Drawing Reference: RFS/ STW/ 003
Height: 2.10
Mesh Diameter: 2.5
Grade: 50 x 5

Mesh: Galvanized chainlink, 50 x 50 mm Mesh, 2.5m m diameter.

Posts: End Posts & intermediate straining [ posts to be
50x50x3mm RHS Intermediate Line posts to be 40x40mm

The spacing between intermediate line posts shall be no
greater than 3000mm. On straight lengths of fence, straining
posts shall be spaced at a distance no greater than 70 metres.
Set posts in hole 300 x 300 x 550mm deep completely filled
with 20N concrete.

Fixings : Chainlink wire shall be securely fastend to line wires using
approved tying wire. Line wires and Barbed wires if applicable
shall be fixed to posts using high t ensile ‘stirrup’ wire, or
feed through integrated holes in post.

Steelwork Finish: Galvanized to BS EN I SO 1461: 1999 by RFS Approved Applicator.

Installation: Set out and erect fencing in straight lines or smoothly flowing
curves as shown on drawings, with tops of posts following profile of
the ground, with posts set rigid, plumb and to specified depth, With
correct fastenings and all components securely fixed.


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